How to Host Your Own Website

There are basic steps in hosting your website. It is better to host you own website because this helps you to spare money. Web hosting servers are of course making money too. This is why it is better to host your own website.

Download and WAMP Server, this is a free server that has Apache that can serve Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is more a little but complete app that is free. It is somewhat easier to manage a website.


The directory should appear as www and update it. This is very important as part of the website URL.

With the use of html, you can just add files in it and click create. Test the html files if it is working before you proceed. It is better to make sure of before its too late.

MySQL is can be figured out when you click phpMyAdmin login. In here, it is your choice if you are going to put a password or not.  MySQL  can be modified if there is something you want to modify. You must create a MySQL file.

Make the site public by installing “httpd.conf” as the Apache. It works well with google and with WordPress and with html. Wherever you go, the web server like Apache is one that can allow you to access well the web pages.

If error takes place, then you have to make sure that there is a back up for it. You can reinstall again if it is needed. Using a web host is very necessary for all website.