Tips in Designing a Website

Here are the basic way on how you will design your website. There are possible ways on how you will do this. It is either you will use a a WordPress , html, CSS, and others. The easiest and fastest way to design a website is using WordPress.

When you design, you have to go into the appearance of the website. There are numerous styles in designing. In fact, WordPress can give you the design of your website. You will just modify the design made.

If you install a theme, the website has a default design but you are going to modify it according to what you want and how you want it to appear to readers. Different themes give you different design.

The Appearance includes:

Menus that appear as the navigation bar where people can just click to read which page they want to go to.

Widget comes in as a footer or a sidebar. You have do design the widget area base on what you like since this adds to the good appearance of the website.

You can modify the default ones by customizing. The customization leads you to be creative in your own way and to be more realistic too.

If there is something that you want to do but it is not in the WordPress, you can also install plug ins to  it. For example, you would like to make a gallery but there is no gallery here, you can install a gallery plug in to satisfy the design you want for your website.