How to Build a Website

You want to build a website in order to make a story or make a  sale of your product. How will you make create this one?

First, you must find a server for your website. Any hosting can do but you must buy this since every hosting allows you to manage your website. The servers include Wix or BlueHost that are responsible for this.

Create a domain that that will be installed in the Word Press. This is something that you can do in a short time. Domain is the destination of the website or it is part of the URL.

Next thing is to install the domain to a hosting and Install the WordPress that is going to hold the website.

After you install the WordPress in the Hosting, you can now design a website. The Dashboard is a guide for you to follow.

Pug ins are something that you can install in the WordPress so you can do more when you are designing because not everything is present in the WordPress. For example, install a security plug in to secure the website from anything that crashes it.

There is no security of the WordPress so you have to install it. Security has to be updated so it is better to check updates from time to time. At times, there should be a modification of the website in terms of its quality pages and quantity matters. Website can be set up easily. if you follow these steps.